Storm Damage Repair MN

KraftMasters is a General Contractor experienced in storm damage MN and insurance claims. We work hard to help our customers achieve the very best settlements. A contractor experienced with insurance claims is the key to receiving the very best outcome for your storm damage claim.

Do you need help with your storm damage in MN or hail damage insurance claim?

If you have not filed a claim, we will meet your adjuster on site to make sure ALL of your hail damage and storm damage is repaired.

Have you filed a claim and are ready to hire the right Contractor?

KraftMasters goes over every detail of your home, generating a drawing of your home including measurements. If an adjuster has already been on site after hail or storm damage, we closely examine your estimate to make sure you are receiving a fair settlement for your storm damage repair.

Do you feel that your insurance company did not respond with a fair settlement for your hail or storm damage MN?

KraftMasters has the experience to provide you help when the insurance company has overlooked or denied parts of your claim. We have been very successful in resolving discrepancies between hail damage or storm damage and insurance company settlements. KraftMasters always treats customers with dignity and respect.
We do not use intimidation, pressure, or unethical business practices. We are not looking for one-time customers. As a General Contractor, we would love to be of service to you again in the future. We always return calls. We communicate with you so you are not left with unanswered questions. We update you on the status of your jobs as soon as possible. KraftMasters has a thorough understanding of the local, state, and international building codes, which is especially helpful in storm damage repair. KraftMasters has been able to guide many insurance adjusters in MN building code requirements, which can be the difference between minor storm damage repair and full storm damage replacement. KraftMasters puts many hours of work into each claim even before a crew shows up.
From start to finish, we are aware of and involved in every aspect of your insurance claim repair project. And we don’t leave the state once the work is finished. We are a local company and will be here to honor the warranty and help you with future projects. KraftMasters uses Haag Engineering standards on hail and wind damage, which means that you are being advised by the most knowledgeable contractor in the area.
Our knowledge and expertise with hail, wind, and storm insurance claims is unmatched. Because of the increasing number of damaging storms over the last decade, storm damage in MN and insurance industry knowledge is in high demand.